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Warning: This post contains strong language

You know what I’d love the BBC to do? More than anything else in the world?

Turn off comments on all the BBC blogs. And, by way of explanation, post this:

“Dear former commenters. We have decided to save the many millions of pounds per year it costs license fee payers to allow you to post your borderline racist, idiotic and vituperative comments on every single thing we write. Frankly, you are a bunch of cunts. Get your own blogs. Love, Auntie.”

I really don’t see why one single penny of my license fee should go towards allowing every little middle-Englander cretin and every woo-woo crystal-worshipping “concerned parent” to gain the tiny little bit of attention they get from their comments. If they want their voices to be heard, they should start their own blogs. As well as learning to write without using all caps, multiple exclamation marks, or the phrase “Nu Liebour”.