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What matters most about the T-Mobile G1: no PC required

Me, for Mobile Computer Mag:

“This is clearly a window into Google’s view of the future – and it’s a scenario that probably keeps many Microsoft executives awake at night. Microsoft’s strength has always been the PC, and much of its marketing and technology has been geared to the idea of having a PC on every desktop. After all, Microsoft’s Office and Windows franchises – the company’s cash (sacred) cows – depend on it.”

Both Microsoft and Apple see the mobile phone as an adjunct to the PC. Because Google has built the software inside the T-Mobile G1 to sync only with its servers in the cloud, this model is broken. The mobile phone gets set free.

Within a few years, I can see a large chunk of people not having their own “personal” computer, but instead relying on their phone for email, web, social networks, and so on. Oh sure, they’ll use PCs – but why would you need your own when all your data lives in the cloud, and you can access that from any machine?

What Google Docs really needs: A “Download all” button

I now have something like 120 documents written and stored on Google Docs. For many of them, there are no other copies anywhere else. On some levels, that’s not something that I worry about. Google, after all, is likely to have far better redundancy and back ups than I will ever have.

But at the back of my mind, something about this leaves me with a nagging element of concern: what if, through fair means or foul, I end up locked out of that Google account?

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