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Sure, developer interest in Apple is waning. Sure.

David Gewirtz, two days ago, claiming “iOS developers abandoning sinking Apple mothership: Biggest drop ever”:

In what may be another sign that Apple’s fortunes are on the downward slope, an interesting chart reports that Objective-C popularity has plummeted for the first time in two years, and more than ever before.

iOS (and Mac) developers, today

Last year developers had half a day to get their WWDC ticket purchases in before the conference sold out, this year tickets sold out in just two paltry minutes. Apple restrictions limited sales to one per person and five tickets per organization. Tickets cost $1,599.00. It doesn’t really matter though, they’re already gone.

And this guy is, apparently, “CBS Interactive’s Distinguished Lecturer… a regular CNN contributor, and a guest commentator for the Nieman Watchdog of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University.”

Google needs some “developers, developers, developers”

Battle Of The Tablet Business Models: Windows 8 And The Microsoft Surface:

As an aside, compare Microsoft’s stewardship of Windows with how Google has treated Android. Google has created a world class operating system in Android but they have done their hardware licensees a disservice when it comes to platform. Their software updates are severely fragmented, their store is difficult to navigate and lacks content and their app store is clogged with clones, pirates and viruses. As a result, Android owners buy less content and apps and Android app developers make far, far less money than do the developers for competing platforms.

This, I think, gets to the heart of the issue with Android: Google’s failure to court developers and provide a genuinely compelling platform for them to create great software. Google has relied on “open”, because that’s a selling point to some developers – but not to the majority.

Good luck with making money from Android apps

Android App Store Is 57% Free Compared to Apple’s 25% – app stores – Gizmodo:

App store analytics firm Distimo recently released a bunch of juicy info about the major mobile app stores, and the results are pretty interesting. For one, Android has a much higher proportion of free apps.

Or, to put it another way, you’ve got even less chance of making money on Android than you have on iPhone.

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Could Apple’s attitude to developers get any worse?

On the day that Google launched something with a rather different approach, this little gemcomes to light:

“Aparently [sic], Apple has now started labeling their rejection letters with Non-Disclosure (NDA) warnings:

So Apple’s solution to the issue of developers being unhappy about their applications being rejected on spurious pretexts is to try and stop them talking about it to anyone?

It’s this kind of crap that makes me want to make the Mac I’m typing on my last. There has to be way which supports neither convicted monopoly abusers or control-freak obsessives.