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Surprise surprise. The Bush administration

Surprise surprise. The Bush administration is revisining fact sheets on government health sites in order to bring them more into line with conservative (AKA Christian fundamentalist) views, according to a New York Times report. This includes claiming that the evidence of a link between abortion and breast cancer is inconclusive, thus ignoring the largest and scientific studies yet done. [via Slashdot]


Intesting report from German press

Intesting report from German press agency DPA, which indicates that the version of the Iraqi weapons dossier given to the 10 non-permanent members of the UN Security Council has been heavily cut, to exclude details of foreign corporates – largely American – that were involved in arming Iraq with technology for use in weapons on mass destruction from 1980-1991.

According to a translation into English on IndyMedia UK, “substantial construction units for the Iraqi nuclear weapon and rocket programs were supplied with permission of the government in Washington. The poison Anthrax for the arming of Iraq with biological weapons stemmed from US laboratories. Iraqi military and armament experts were trained in the US and there received know-how having to do with their domestic arms programs.”

What this demonstrates is simple: When Iran was the enemy, the developed nations were happy to ignore Iraq’s abysmal record on human rights, it’s suppession of political dissidents, and its support for some nasty terrorist organisations. Now, we’re happy to forget the role we played in making Saddam. Is it any wonder that the radical Islamist accusation that the West is corrupt is believed, when we act like this?


Brian is a lone peace

Brian is a lone peace protester who’s been camped outside Parliament for the past 18 months, protesting against what he sees as the inevitable build-up to war in the guise of the war on (some) terrorism. After 18 months of cold, wet, and the occasional bit of abust from tourists, Brian is apparently somewhat down in the dumps – but determined to keep up his protest. Someone on IndyMedia suggested sending Brian a card or perhaps some tobacco to keep him going. Seems like a great idea to me – the address is here.


For all you Grant

For all you Grant fans, I present the Kill Your Boyfriend random quote generator.


According to 2600, a photographer

According to 2600, a photographer was arrested. after taking pictures of US vice president Dick Cheney’s hotel. While it’s perfectly understanable that this photographing an area where a high-level government official is staying is likely to attract some attention, surely it would be enough for a few questions to be asked?
But law enforcement officers don’t like being photographed. In the UK, there’s a long history of run-ins between press photographers and police, including some instances where police have beaten up press attempting to report on what they do.

What I want to see is as much surveillance as possible – live, via webcam and blog – of police activities. That’s not because I believe particularly that the police are always (or even often) breaking the law, but because there’s a basic imbalance between citizen and state developing over what it recorded, what is observed.

A government that demands the right to surveil its citizens has to accept their right to use the same methods to ensure it obeys the law.


Mark Gardner has a template

Mark Gardner has a template for generating RSS 2.0 for Blogger users. [Scripting News]


For anyone of a New

For anyone of a New York disposition, Gawker looks like an essential read. It’s a weblog/magazine giving “a live review of city news, and by news we mean, among other things, urban dating rituals, no-ropes social climbing, CondŽ Nastiness, downwardly-mobile i-bankers, real estate porn — the serious stuff.” Very nice design by Jason Kottke, but as far as I can tell, no rss – which is a pain!


Gah! Christmas TV… the worst.

Gah! Christmas TV… the worst. Even Sky One’s virtually non-stop regime of Simpsons re-runs has been disturbed. My only salvation has been watching selected highlights of Futurama…


Les Dennis and Amanda Holden

Les Dennis and Amanda Holden to divorce, which gives me a terrible excuse to use Radio’s pictures widget to put this picture here.


Why are there so few

Why are there so few images of Morbo online?