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Thanks to Tom the individual archive entries on this site are now working. He’s the man! Thank you Tom!

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Bush Man of the year?

How the hell did that happen? George W Bush is Yahoo’s man of the year. Tom Coates has the most sensible response.


Moving from Radio to MT

After a few failed attempts, I finally found a way to get entries from Radio to Movable Type. Here’s how.
1. Go here and download the version of exporter.root for your version of Radio (7 or 8). Install this into the Tools folder of your Radio installation, and start up Radio.
2. Go to the Tools page of your Radio configuration. Open up the Exporter tool. Choose the exportMT tool.
3. Select “Blank” for Item titles, no categories, and leave the text as plain. Hit the Export as Text button, and, when it’s finished, follow the link (to “this text file”). Save that file on your hard drive.
4. Unfortunately, you’ll now have to do some fiddling around, so open up the text file in a decent text editor. First of all, you’ll need to change the “BODY:” line so that the actual body entry is on a seperate line, and make sure that there’s no trailing space after the “BODY:” as well.
5. Next, fix the dates. The exporter unfortunately uses a DD/MM/YY format: You’ll need to change this to MM/DD/YYYY, with a four figure year – otherwise it won’t work. Once you’ve done this, save the file.
6. In your MT directory, create an “import” directory. Save your file into this, and use the MT Import/Export utility. Follow the instructions in this, and everything should work.

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West pier collapse

Looks like the grand old lady of Brighton is slipping into the sea more. Funnily enough, I said only yesterday when we were walking towards it with Claire’s family that the pier was going to collapse soon…

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Old Technovia

I’ve not yet found a way to import entries from Radio to Movable Type, although I haven’t looked much so far. Meanwhile, you can get to the entries on the old site here.


Well, the transfer of Technovia

Well, the transfer of Technovia from Radio on OS X to Radio on Windows didn’t work. On starting up Radio on Windows after transferring everything I should do across, I get a huge amount of disk churn for about five minutes before anything happens. Then, when I try to open any Radio page, it gives me a 500 error – “Can’t complete the operation because Windows reported an error: ‘Not enough storage is available to process this command.'” I’ve got 512Mb of RAM in this machine, and there’s 6Gb of disk space free. If anyone’s got any ideas mail me.


You may find Technovia behaving

You may find Technovia behaving a little weirdly today. That’s because I’m going to be moving Radio from my iBook to my Windows machine, to implement a couple of features that I want to try out. More late, assuming the whole thing works…


Oh dear, it appears that

Oh dear, it appears that the government has been caught out again. According to a report in the Independent, a government sponsored study has shown large scale transfter of genetic material between GM crops in trials and nearby non-GM crops. Typically, the government tried to bury this news by releasing a heavily edited report on Christmas eve, the one day of the year when no newspapers are being prepared for publication.

The report is the result of six years of trials, and is the longest in-depth study of its kind ever undertaken. Given the governments consistent support for GM crops, despite every survey ever undertaken showing opposition from the public, it’s an explosive issue politically.

Gene flow is not in itself damaging to the environment, but it does mean that should the GM crop prove to be in some way damaging, the liklihood of controlling its spread is significantly lower.

Why does the governmenf want to bury this? Or, rather, why is the government so positive about GM? Partly, it’s because the government is easily dazzled by shiny new technology. In that sense, Blair is very like Wilson, with his “white heat of technology”. But there’s also a complete lack of critical ability about what companies that sell GM crops are telling them, because – as has been proved again and again – Blair and his cohort don’t understand business, and the fact that businesses will lie to further profits. The business of business is profits, not truth.


Surprise surprise. The Bush administration

Surprise surprise. The Bush administration is revisining fact sheets on government health sites in order to bring them more into line with conservative (AKA Christian fundamentalist) views, according to a New York Times report. This includes claiming that the evidence of a link between abortion and breast cancer is inconclusive, thus ignoring the largest and scientific studies yet done. [via Slashdot]


Intesting report from German press

Intesting report from German press agency DPA, which indicates that the version of the Iraqi weapons dossier given to the 10 non-permanent members of the UN Security Council has been heavily cut, to exclude details of foreign corporates – largely American – that were involved in arming Iraq with technology for use in weapons on mass destruction from 1980-1991.

According to a translation into English on IndyMedia UK, “substantial construction units for the Iraqi nuclear weapon and rocket programs were supplied with permission of the government in Washington. The poison Anthrax for the arming of Iraq with biological weapons stemmed from US laboratories. Iraqi military and armament experts were trained in the US and there received know-how having to do with their domestic arms programs.”

What this demonstrates is simple: When Iran was the enemy, the developed nations were happy to ignore Iraq’s abysmal record on human rights, it’s suppession of political dissidents, and its support for some nasty terrorist organisations. Now, we’re happy to forget the role we played in making Saddam. Is it any wonder that the radical Islamist accusation that the West is corrupt is believed, when we act like this?