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Jhai foundation needs you!

Danny writes a brilliant piece on the Jhai Foundation, an organisation founded by Lee Thorn and aided by ideas of 2002.
However, it looks like the piddling $25,000 the scheme needs isn’t going to come through until after the monsoon season starts, effectively delaying the project. So, Danny suggests, it’s time for us to put our hands in our pockets and donate whatever you can – even $10 will help. You can PayPal the Jhai Foundation on their donations page (mention it’s for “Remote IT”).

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Feeling like a Smiths record

Argh! I’m still feeling ill. We closed for the holidays on 20th December, which means that I’ve actually been ill for over half the time I’ve been off work. This is decidedly not fair, and a thoroughly depressing start to the new year.

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Meaning of “proprietary”

Can someone explain to me why Jack Schofield thinks that the Mac is a proprietary system while Windows isn’t? Has Windows gone open source while I wasn’t watching? Or, in fact, does Microsoft still own it lock, stock and barrel, keeping the source code to itself?

I refer to Dictionary.com’s definition: “Owned by a private individual or corporation under a trademark or patent”. I think that covers Windows.


Apple’s retail business model: What business model?

Very interesting post over on Motley Fool about the lack of a coherent business model for Apple’s retail stores. The short version: thanks to some interesting accounting practices, it’s extremely difficult to tell if the retail stores are making money, or indeed if they will ever make money.



Ben Hammersley comes up with the goods. He’s managed to cobble together a site and RSS feed that allows people to post a request for something to their blog, have it ping the site via trackback, and hopefully someone will build it. Neato!


More on the West pier

BBC News has another story on thecollapse of the West pier. I should be going to see it later if the weather stops being bad, in which case I’ll try and get some pictures.



I think Azeem first pointed this outto me. Friendster is a great service for finding links to people – it’s “Match.com that works.”


Portion distortion

A really good Washington Post piece on how food producers make more money on selling you bigger portions. Scary.


Ho ho ho it’s another right wing pundit

From out of Australia (I think) comes another rabid right winger. In a piece that virtually drips with venom, Tim Blair takes a pop at Michael Moore over “inaccuracies” in Moore’s film “Bowling for Columbine”.
But here’s the deal: at the bottom of his peice, as is common with bad writers, Blair shows his true colours:
” Millionaire Moore – who is to working class as French is to resistance…”
Now I’m assuming that means Moore isn’t working class, and that thus “French resistance” is oxymoronic. Seems Blair could do with a history lesson. Perhaps he ought to remember the 20,000 French men and women who lost their lives fighting in the resistance in WW2 before shooting his bigoted mouth off.

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Thanks to Tom the individual archive entries on this site are now working. He’s the man! Thank you Tom!

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