For anyone of a New

For anyone of a New York disposition, Gawker looks like an essential read. It’s a weblog/magazine giving “a live review of city news, and by news we mean, among other things, urban dating rituals, no-ropes social climbing, CondŽ Nastiness, downwardly-mobile i-bankers, real estate porn — the serious stuff.” Very nice design by Jason Kottke, but as far as I can tell, no rss – which is a pain!

Guardian Online posts a little

Guardian Online posts a little link to CNet’s top 100 products of 2002, and once again Jack Schofield manages an anti-Mac dig. How come the only mention Jack gives to a negative is about “the Apple Titanium G4 Powerbook’s abysmal performance with Wi-Fi wireless networks”? Strange, too, that Jack doesn’t mention that the iBook has better than average wireless performance (one of the reasons why it appears to be becoming the online geeks notebook of choice).

But then again, that would smack of balanced reporting about Apple – something that I doubt many people would accuse Jack of. []

One thing that I forgot

One thing that I forgot to say when I posted on how easy NetNewsWire Pro was to use with Radio: I also have Blogger API access turned on in Radio, and XML-RPC/SOAP access enabled. I haven’t played around yet to find out exactly which of these is really needed, but all this works for me…

However, at the moment, I’m not using it for posting. Why? First of all, I like the fact that using Radio’s News Aggregator automatically maintains a copy of mySubscriptions.opml on my server, making it available to anyone who wants to Blogroll (and this is a feature that would be really good to have in NetNewsWirePro). Secondly, my main machine is a mere 500MHz iBook, so the fewer applications I can get away with running the better!

One that that I’ll definitely try doing at work, though, is using NetNewsWire Pro on my desktop machine to post to Radio on my iBook – should be interesting…

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