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Hello, I’m Ian Betteridge and Technovia is where I talk about things that I think are interesting. Perhaps you think they are too. I’ve been writing under this banner since about 2001, gradually shifting blogging platform from Userland Radio through Blogger ot Typepad and now WordPress. If you look back far enough, you’ll find some stuff here from 2002, when I first moved to Blogger. Radio ate all my earliest posts, something for which I’m still partially blaming Dave Winer.

What I do

I never wanted to be a journalist, and yet more through accident than design that’s what I ended up as. After being a proto-academic (philosophy, if you’re interested – I wasn’t interested enough) I worked at MacUser magazine in London, ultimately spending a couple of years editing it. After that, I spent another couple of years as a freelance technology journalist working for Macworld, MacFormat, PC Pro, Computer Buyer, Custom PC, Computer Shopper, Ariel, and many others along the way.

As well as working on a lot of print titles, I’ve also written for and edited several web sites. Before taking up my present position, I was a regular contributor to eWeek, and launch edited the sadly-gone Extremeipod.com.

You’ll notice something of a technology theme here, but I don’t actually consider myself as a technologist and I’m certainly not any kind of tech expert in the normal sense. What I’m interested in primarily is people, and how they interact with technology: The way we create our tools, what we do with them, and how that feeds back into changing culture.

And that’s probably why I enjoy working at Redwood. We’re a content marketing agency, which means we create content on behalf of clients including Marks and Spencer, BT, British Gas, Boots, Virgin Media and many others. Not that long ago, that “content” meant “magazines” but it now means words, pictures, blog posts, articles, white papers, videos, applications… essentially, anything which communicates ideas. It’s all about helping brands help their customers in ways which benefit them both.


If you want to get hold of me, email is usually the best way (ian at ianbetteridge dot co dot uk will always get through to me). You can also get me via IM (ianbetteridge at gmail dot com for Google Talk) or speak to me through Skype. If you’re calling from the US, please remember that I’m in London, so I’m between five and eight hours ahead of you.

Things I like

I like listening to Radio’s 3 and 4, reading about history and biography, and talking rubbish with my lovely other half. Also, coffee (any kind – even bad coffee is better than no coffee), any potato-based food product, and cats.

What is Technovia, anyway?

Technovia is the imaginary country in which we all now live. It’s sprawling, complicated, messy, and not quite reducable. It’s the creative stickers ruining the clean lines of your MacBook Pro. It’s where your pristine, well-planned ad campaign gets pirated and remixed to fuck, mercilessly taken apart and put back together in a mocking way by kids who weren’t born when you went to university. It’s where spammers use cut and paste techniques borrowed from Burroughs to get past algorithms that cost millions of dollars to invent.

It is, basically, here.