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Stuff I’ve found interesting this week

In homage to Stefan Constantinescu’s brilliant TabDump, every Sunday I’m going to try and write a summary of all the content I’ve come across over the week and link to it. If you’re not a TabDump supporter you should be – Stef does a brilliant job of finding the best content on a daily basis, and I recommend you subscribe.

Google Says HTTPS Is A Ranking Signal, But It’s Not Really. A big thing for the SEO world, but as this article lays out it’s not worth the hassle of moving to HTTPS just to keep in Google’s good books. Of course, there’s other good reasons for doing so.

With A Twitter Card Tweak, Now You Can Design Your New Acura In A Tweet. Twitter is gradually increasing the functionality available in Twitter Cards, which have come a long way since they were just a picture pulled from URL metadata.

LG G Watch v Samsung Gear Live: what are the differences?. The answer: Virtually nothing. I think the Samsung’s design is much smarter though. And no, I’m not that interested in the Moto 360.

Inside Google’s Project Tango tablet. A tablet which only someone who doesn’t like tablets could love. Actually, Tango looks interesting, but it’s a classic example of the kind of project which emerges from Google every now and then: engineering fantasies, rather than real consumer products.

Inside the sneaky, surprisingly large world of rogue Chrome extensions. 130 outright malicious extensions is 130 too many, particularly given Chrome is supposed to be a secure platform. But the more than Chrome becomes an operating system rather than a browser, the more issues like this are going to arise.

Inside Apple’s Internal Training Program. From a couple of weeks ago, but if you haven’t read it it’s well worth it. Great work from Brian X Chen.

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