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The proliferation of new desktops

Billy MacInnes, writing for MicroScope on the announcement of a couple of new Android-based computers:

PC vendors are starting to ask whether there might be something to be gained from finding a place for Android in their desktop product roadmaps. Some have even announced products. This is aside from Chromebooks based on Google’s Chrome OS, which are already available from the likes of Samsung, Acer and HP, products which have started to gain some traction in commercial organisations in the US, especially schools.

The proliferation of “new” desktop types is one of the most interesting current trends. Ten years ago, the choice was Windows, Mac or – if you wore your beard around your neck with pride – Linux. Now you can get yourself a laptop running Windows, Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Android, and more.

The reason for the proliferation is simple: the cloud. Cloud-based data means you can access the same data on multiple platforms with ease. The pain of switching between Android and Mac, for example, isn’t great because the stuff of value – the data – all lives in the cloud.

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