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On the demise of “Angry Mac Bastards”

I’m not surprised that Angry Mac Bastards ended the way it did. Sooner or later, the show was bound to pick on the wrong target and ratchet things up to way beyond the point of no return.

I should say up front that I have a certain amount of skin in the game over this. Not only did I guest on one episode, I’ve known Peter and John for many years. While I know Darby and Kelly less, I enjoyed their online presence a fair amount too.

But there are also friends who got on the other side of AMB’s vitriol and really didn’t enjoy the experience.

The point of show, as I understood it, was always pretty simple: take apart the utter stupidity written about Apple and its products in as vitriolic and funny fashion as possible. And oh boy, is there a lot of stupidity out there to take apart. The flow of effluent about Apple has never been bigger or stronger, and a lot of people pick up a lot of page views from deliberate, provocative stupidity about it. Those guys know what they’re doing.

But this is why picking on Aaron Vegh was a step too far. Vegh is, basically, a “civilian”: he’s just some ordinary guy. Taking apart his website and his appearance was pointless and unfair.

I think some of the focus of AMB went when Peter left. That’s no disrespect to Kelly, who combined some erudite observations with a lot of wit and personality, but Peter was kind of the fulcrum for me, managing to both rage at stupidity while keeping things on track.
I’ll miss AMB, but I think it had probably run its course. And I’m sorry it ended this way.

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  • Moeskido

    Agreed. Vegh was an easy target, but small-fry. His faults are more of a symptom than a cause.

  • Salt Abdullah

    Let’s be honest, when Pete left so did the audience.