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My favourite meme: “The iPad is just a bigger iPod touch”

Claim chowder, special Nintendo edition:

“Nintendo president Satoru Iwata doesn’t mince his words; asked about Apple’s iPad launch this week, the outspoken executive has told reporters that the tablet ‘was a bigger iPod touch’, and that ‘there were no surprises for me’. “

Nintendo’s entire revenue for it’s most recent financial year? $6.39 bn

Apple’s revenue for just the iPad in its most recent financial year? About $31 bn.

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  • David Teixeira

    It’s easy to mock Satoru Iwata’s words, especially after Nintendo’s sort-of response to the iPad with the Wii U–but I don’t think this is claim chowder material. Because I think that Iwata was right, actually.

    In terms of a device on which you play games, the iPad was (and remains) a bigger iPod Touch. The iPad didn’t bring anything new to the table; the larger display certainly expanded the canvas for developers in a substantial fashion, but that’s what one would expect from “a bigger iPod Touch.” Nothing that Steve Jobs presented at that time came as a surprise, device-wise.

    Not that I mean to belittle the iPad, or even the iPod Touch, because one can’t deny their success. And I would venture to say that even in early 2010, everyone could sense the momentum that Apple has kept building on, because it has been built upon the whole ecosystem that Apple has created for their devices, including the iPad and the iPod Touch. Which is why it’s also very disingenuous to compare the companies’ respective revenues.

    So, considering the iPad as a platform, Iwata’s words are risible–but in the context of games, I think he is still right: as a device the iPad still is a bigger iPod Touch, for good or bad.