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No, really, “five ways Apple has lost its bite”. I kid you not

Five ways Apple has lost its bite | Technology | guardian.co.uk.

Having turned the music and telecoms industries on their heads, Apple was understood to have trained its sights on cable TV companies. But the move has been talked about since 2011 and yet there is still no sign of an Apple television set – or iPanel as some predict it will be called.

This single paragraph contains so many weasel words it’s an entire nest of weasels. Apple “was understood to have…”, “as some predict…”

Why does this article exist? What insight does it bring to the table? How does it leave any reader – ANY reader – better informed about one of the world’s biggest and most influential companies?

I always thought one of the points of Internet publishing was that it liberated us from having to have second-rate “filler” stories which existed solely to fill space in print. This woeful piece of crap proves me wrong.

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