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Why Windows 8 is a mess, redux

Steve Wildstrom of Techpinions tries to set the sleep timer on his Windows 8 laptop, and finds it’s a little harder than he thought it would be

“The best I could do to stay in Metro was: From the Start screen, bring up the Charms bar and select the Search charm. Pick Settings as the search domain and start typing ‘sleep.’  ’Change when the computer sleeps’ pops up; click it and the control panel opens. Of course, at this point, you are back in Desktop. Again, this method to perform a simple task seems totally unintuitive, especially since if you type ‘screen’ or ‘display’ in the search box you are not offered the sleep option.”

Windows 8 is a mess. Not because Metro is bad, but because Microsoft has bolted two operating systems into one, which makes the entire thing confusing. 

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  • http://www.ultrabooknews.com chippy

    An example of an incomplete and disjointed UI, I agree, but the OS still remains one of the most productive on the market, the Web experience one of the most complete. Disjointed user interfaces can be fixed but personally I’m happy to finally see a decent productive mobile-capable OS on SoC platforms. I’ll take a few UI issues as long as system search exists.