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When will Paul Dacre admit his newspaper is out of control and sack himself?

The libel record of Associated Newspapers, publishers of the Daily Mail:

Alan Sugar: £100,000

Diana Rigg: £30,000

Elton John: £100,000

Dr Austen Ivereigh: £30,000

Carole Caplin: “Substantial” damages

Ossie Kilkenny: “Substantial” damages

Lady Kristina Moore: “Substantial” damages

Luke Cooper: £25,000

Kate Winslet: £25,000

Edwina Langley, Lisa Beard-Rogers and Thema Davis: £30,000 in total

Sir Michael Parkinson: £25,000

Barbara Broccoli: “Substantial” damages

Neil Morrissey: “Substantial” damages

Reza Pankhurst: “Substantial” damages

Parameswaran Subramanyam: £47,000

Marlon King: Apology

Cheryl Cole: Apology

Sheldon Adelson: “Very substantial” damages

Mike Hollingsworth: £75,000

Chris Jeffries: “Substantial” damages

Gordon Taylor: “Unknown settlement”

Given that The Mail has been one of the most vociferous critics of the BBC’s recent issues, when will Dacre follow the example of the BBC’s director general and take personal responsibility for the failings of its journalism?

I can guess what the answer is.

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