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Christine Assange and Ecuador – The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Christine “Mother of Julian” Assange:

IMG 0071

Human Rights Watch:

Ecuador’s laws restrict freedom of expression, and government officials, including [President] Correa, use these laws against his critics. Those involved in protests marred by violence may be prosecuted on inflated and inappropriate ‘terrorism’ charges.

Impunity for police abuses is widespread and perpetrators of murders often attributed to a “settling of accounts” between criminal gangs are rarely prosecuted and convicted.


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Amnesty International:

Spurious criminal charges were brought against human rights defenders, including Indigenous leaders. Human rights violations committed by security forces remained unresolved. Women living in poverty continued to lack access to good quality and culturally appropriate health services.

The willingness of radicals on both left and right to embrace vile regimes when it suits them continually sickens me.

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