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Windows RT tablets aren’t suitable for the enterprise

Windows 8 Tablets and Email: A Disaster in the Making | TechPinions:

“This is an enormous challenge for ARM-based tablets running on Windows RT. because as of now, Metro Mail (sorry, I’m going to call it Metro until Microsoft gives us a real alternative) is the only mail client available for RT.

Unless some third party comes up with a more capable Metro mail client soon, I think RT tablets will effectively be disqualified for enterprise use. Yes, the Metro Mail app is an Exchange client, but it’s a wretched one, far worse than iPad Mail.”

So in other words, Microsoft has hobbled RT for use in enterprises, probably so business users will “upgrade” to the Intel version. Which means their tablet experience is likely to suck, thanks the Intel version’s inferior battery life.

Microsoft really never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

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  • http://twitter.com/firebellys firebelly

    Why would anyone want a fully working version of office/outlook on a tablet? You should have a desktop or laptop for that. I think the Mail app is just fine for checking mail quickly and replying on the go. Why on earth would you use an ARM based computer for your full time job?

  • http://www.panoramaphotographer.com/ thatkeith

    Why would you not want to give your users the best experience you can on the hardware you encourage them to buy?