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The end of Android Tablets?

The end of Android tablets: can Google match Amazon’s success before Microsoft closes the window? | The Verge:

“What the Fire has taught us before and will teach us again this week is that the biggest threat to Android tablets isn’t necessarily the iPad — it’s that the companies which make the devices aren’t totally invested in ensuring the Android platform succeeds.”

I’ve argued before that other companies in the Android eco-system aren’t Android’s best friends – this post makes that point well.

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  • Mac Morrison

    yep theres still less ‘tablet’ apps than iPad – and thats where android tabs fail, that said, facebook only JUST made it on iPad. I still use mine daily, but it’s hard to honestly recommend it to anyone over an iPad. though nexus 7 changed that. £159 vs £300 ? for a lot of people its not an option to buy an iPad, that said no one NEEDs a tablet, surface bridges the tablet/laptop market in a new format that we have to see if the buyers want.