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One more thing about iOS 6 Maps

I'm pretty tempted never to write anything about the iOS maps app again, but there's already starting to be a backlash against the backlash, so ill write one more thing.

I've seen a few comments out there to the effect that actually people should remember this is the first release, that mapping is hard, that it's not their fault Google wouldn't give them maps, and therefore Apple should be cut some slack. To my mind, this is nonsense. It's effectively grading Apple on a curve, giving them a pass to create something sub-standard because doing good maps is really tough.

But, as John Gruber puts it:

Anil is right about the bottom line though: the maps experience in iOS 6 is a downgrade. Users shouldn't (and won't) give a rip about behind the scenes negotiations.

And that's the thing: as an Apple customer and user, I don't care about the issues behind the scenes. Maps is now a poorer experience than it was a few days ago, and I want Apple to fix it fast because that's what I expect from them. As a tech writer, of course, I do care, because he behind-the-scenes machinations are where the real story is. But right now, it should be the customers who matter.

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  • Miles Hart

    There are bugs everywhere, for the most part will never see the light of day. However, the bug showing in Maps is core to its fundamental purpose. I shudder to think how this got missed all through the life cycle of the product. I would expect this issue from a random app on a store, but not from Apple.

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