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Crapware isn’t just on PCs

Crapware isn’t just a problem with PCs: increasingly, it’s a problem with just about every piece of of hardware that doesn’t have an Apple logo on it. Take this experience, with a printer:

In a triumph of optimism over experience, I bought a wireless printer this week. In its infinite wisdom, HP decided that the best way to connect it to a wireless network – nothing else, just to get it to find an open Wi-Fi network – was to install software that wasn’t compatible with my system, navigate a hopeless support site to find a version that was compatible, install it, let it set up its own ad-hoc wireless network, break my internet connection, fail to set up the wireless printer properly and ultimately force me into the advanced settings of my router to increase the DHCP lease time.

This is a printer aimed at average punters.

Why do manufacturers do this? Why do they nickel and dime customers by including “added value” software which does nothing except add a couple of dollars to their bottom line, while infuriating customers? Why do they ship software of their own which offers such a shoddy experience as that above? Why? Just… Why?

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