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Much as we complain about Twitter, we won’t stop using it

Twitter Continues to Gnaw On the Hand That Feeds It:

I’d love to stand on a soapbox and preach “BOYCOTT TWITTER” but let’s be serious – even if they shunned every last app using its service and forced us to either use the website or their own branded apps, we’d still use Twitter. The job seekers, the self-promoters, the celebrity-obsessed groupies would continue to announce to the world the availability of their new book or recently published article, as well as their drunken 2 a.m. quips with friends.

Harry’s right, of course: you can pretty much guarantee that all of the grumbling about what Twitter does won’t amount to more than a handful of users deserting it for other platforms. 

Facebook? If there’s one service the Twitterari hates, it’s Facebook.

Google+? I like it – and I think that it’s actual target is Twitter, not Facebook – but the audience isn’t there (yet) and people are getting much more distrustful of Google.

Twitter is it. For better or worse.

(Via Curious Rat – the RSS Feed)

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