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The myth of Internet televisions

El Drunko Angryo:

This here is pre­cisely why I say that the pun­di­tards pon­tif­i­cat­ing about how Apple needs to “fix” tele­vi­sion have no fuck­ing clue how the other 99% actu­ally use the fuck­ing thing. The last thing most peo­ple want when sit­ting down to watch the boob tube is a bunch of googaws shit­ting up the sides of the screen and dis­tract­ing from the con­tent. Most peo­ple are unhappy with the crap the net­works already lit­ter the screen with. Fuck, imag­ine try­ing to watch a game on ESPN on one of these mon­strosi­ties. It would be like a Russian Nesting Doll of point­less shit sur­round­ing the action. Fuck, if you want a sec­ondary screen to pull info up on while you’re watch­ing shit, Apple’s got you cov­ered hom­bre.

The whole notion of “internet on a TV” proceeds from the utterly failed idea that what people want is more stuff on the big screen. Only people who live on their own could think this. Suppose I’m watching TV with someone and they want to chat to their friends on Facebook about it, while I (who know that Facebook is Satan) want to Tweet. Who gets to put what on screen? 

People pick up and use second screens because it allows them to do something private and personal while still watching TV socially in a room. Putting the internet stuff on the big screen breaks that. 


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