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Kensington KeyFolio Pro review

There are, littering my house, more than a few different iPad keyboards. You see, I’m someone who spends a rather large amount of his time writing. That means I’m picky about the tools that I use to lay down pixels on screen.  

There’s the Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2, which I reviewed both on here and for MacUser. There is, of course, an Apple keyboard which I use in collaboration with the marvellous InCase Origami – a case for the keyboard which is light, durable, and folds up into a stand for the iPad.

And there’s the most recent addition, the Kensington KeyFolio Pro.

First, the reason why the Kensington earns the “Pro” monicker: the keyboard itself. It’s not full size, as the Apple one is, but it’s pretty close. The spaces between the keys are good, the travel is a little clunky and shallow but overall pretty good. Apart from Apple’s keyboard, it’s one of the best ones you’ll find for the iPad.

It’s not, though, perfect. The enter key isn’t quite there you think it should be, which means that I find myself hitting the backslash key rather than enter every now and then.

But the worst problem is the angle that the iPad is held in. In the default position, it’s far, far too shallow, which means the iPad is tilted almost towards you rather than back at an angle you can read. The only way to push the angle back to something that’s more comfortable is to rest the edge of the iPad on the deep plastic bezel which surrounds the top of the keyboard. In fact, my optimum angle was only hit when the edge of the iPad was resting almost on the top row of keys. That is, to say the least, sub-optimal.

This is a real shame, as the Kensington showed a lot of promise. Alas, though, it means that one of the nicest keyboards for the iPad is housed in a case which renders it almost unusable.

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