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The definition of “being a dick” in comments

Martin Belam:

I’d define dick-ish behaviour on a news site as including, but not restricted too: personal attacks, using “amusing” clichés like EUSSR and Tony Bliar, making the same off-topic point day after day, being rude and grumpy and unwelcoming to newcomers, mocking other people’s spelling, bullying and hectoring staff and journalists appearing in the comment threads, asking “is this news?” on a story you are not interested in and which nobody forced you to read, hate speech, “ironic” hate speech, anything that might now or in the future potentially land the publisher in legal hot water, and any comment which includes the phrase “I don’t suppose the moderators will publish this but…”

Eliminate those and you’d eliminate 95% of the reason that I don’t tend to read comments on news sites.

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  • http://www.curiousrat.com Harry Marks

    And 95% of the reason I don’t allow them in the first place!

  • http://mangochut.net/ mangochutney

    This pretty much covers it.
    Sometimes I’d love to wield the ban hammer myself, especially on sites I care about, like The Loop.
    But I’m glad @jdalrymple:disqus  allows comments on his site, because usually the discussions are very good.