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In which I violate my own law of headlines

Does the Mac App Store let you use software for commercial use?

To which the answer is “yes”, thus violating Betteridge’s Law of Headlines. I reckon that if anyone can make exceptions, though, it’s me :)

As a bit of background to the story: reading through various Mac forums it seems there’s a common misconception that Mac App Store stuff is “personal use only”, and can’t be used for business (this thread is typical – but there’s plenty more out there). So I did some digging through the license, and asked some developers for their perspective, and ended up writing a far-too-long explanation of the details. I think I’ve managed to get the definitive answer, short of getting something out of Apple (and we know what that’s like).

Ken Case of Omni and Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater are quoted, but I should also thank Daniel Counsell of RealMac and Fraser Spiers of Connected Flow for their help – although they aren’t quoted, both of them contributed to me getting my head straight about the license and what developers were thinking.

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