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Oh, the irony: Chrome OS “no good for making stuff”

Joel Mathis taking a look at Chrome OS:

“If you want to make stuff, in other words, the cloud isn’t quite ready for you—and that means Chrome OS isn’t quite ready for you, either. Will it be when (and if) Chrome OS netbooks actually hit the market next year? That’s tougher to say.”

One wonders how many of the people decrying the iPad as “only for consumers, not creators” will be getting as angry about Chrome OS? My bet is “none”.

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  • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul OFlaherty

    You’ve lost your bet Ian 😉 As a content creator, I think Chrome OS is useless, much as I think the iPad is the “tonka toy” of computing devices and will be loudly making that point whenever anybody touts how “awesome” it is.

  • http://www.technovia.co.uk Ian Betteridge

    Dammit, you could have given me five minutes of snarkiness! :)

  • http://www.bynkii.com/ John C. Welch

    The iPad as a Tonka Toy? Hmm…can do stuff, utilitarian, and damned near indestructible. That’s a mighty nice compliment!

  • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul OFlaherty

    Yes, but a toy – not exactly productive and only for children.

  • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul OFlaherty

    I’m sorry Ian. I’ll wait longer then next time 😉

  • http://www.bynkii.com/ John C. Welch

    CLearly you’ve not spent enough time deforesting a back yard with Tonkas. They’re quite productive, as the horrified looks on many a parents face would testify to.

    The fact that you’re still trying to push iPads as being useless for content creation tells me you’re thinking narrowly enough that your entire worldview could fit through the eye of a needle. Evidently, all the content creation being done on iPads doesn’t count for some HUGELY critical and important reason that no one buying them seems to give a toss about.

    It’s that they don’t perfectly meet YOUR definition.

  • http://pauloflaherty.com Paul OFlaherty

    I sense a lot of defensive angst there

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