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Nerd supremacy

Jaron Lanier gets it:

“What I’m seeing in my nerd brethren is an increasing combativeness, a loss of empathy, and creepiness,” said Jaron Lanier, a critic of digital culture and a pioneering computer scientist who helped develop virtual reality. “It’s just another supremacy movement, ultimately. It just happens to be nerd supremacy.”

(via ‘Hactivists’ fight for their cause online – Los Angeles Times)

There is a particular arrogance, a particular vision to impose their will upon the world, that’s developing in some branches of nerd culture. It’s… disquieting. One to watch.

“Will to power” is the phrase that pops into mind. And that’s not something that makes me comfortable.

(Image by Suzie Katz  – http://flic.kr/p/8Y8Pai)

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