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The end, goodbye (and hello)

I’ve been writing here for over eight years, and in that time what started out as a simple collection of links and bits and bobs that I  found interesting has mushroomed into something huge. I’ve no idea how many posts.

But I’m tired of it, so I’m effectively closing the site. I’m not taking it down, although I might do at some point in the future. I like the idea of things disappearing from the Internet, because I’ve often been more intrigued by what vanishes than what persists online.

So why? Basically two things. First, this started because my day-to-day job was about technology: Evaluating it, dissecting it, reading its runes and writing about it. The tech industry was my beat, and this site was a reflection of that.Hence the name, of course.

This is no longer true. My day job involves, but isn’t about, technology, and I no longer care about it in the same way that I used to. It’s not something I’m as passionate about, in the abstract, as I used to be. Occasionally, something comes along that I really do find interesting. But all too often my interest comes down to “oh yes, Microsoft tried that in 1995” or some variant thereof. Been there, done that.

The second reason is more personal, but equally important: this blog – and by extension, me – has become more “influential” than I’m comfortable with. And I don’t like the direction that influence takes me. When what you write has the power to make someone else miserable, and you do it without a second’s thought for the consequences, it’s time to take a step away from the computer. When you start to write because you know other people will pick up what you post – and start to tailor what you write to appeal to that – it’s time to stop.

I’ll still be writing online, of course. I like the clack-clack sound of my fingers on the keyboard far too much to stop that. But not here, and not in the same way that I’ve been doing.

I don’t know what I’ll be writing about, yet – it’s far more likely to be about fashion, design, marketing, words, pictures and nonsense than hardcore technology – but I’ll be writing about it at my new domain (you’ll probably have to wait to find it, as it will take a few hours to propagate around the DNS’s – give it till Sunday). Expect, though, it to be much more personal than here. A better reflection of me, in fact.

(And yes, nerds, I’m using Tumblr rather than WordPress. I’m bored of WordPress. I’m bored of using a “publishing platform” rather than something that just lets me write nonsense.)

You’ll also find me, of course, on Twitter, Facebook, and so on. And, if really want to, you can always IM me, or email me. Old school style!

So, signing off: Thank you all for reading. It’s been fun. Time to do something new.

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  • Craig Grannell

    There goes my favourite tech blog. So long and thanks for all the electric fish.

  • http://www.ratdiary.com Sprague D

    First Google sells out, now this… it’s been a terrible month. 😉 Have fun in your new gig. I’ll look forward to your continuing pithy offerings on Twitter.

  • http://www.winextra.com Steven Hodson

    Ian I totally understand how you feel as I get that way myself sometimes but that doesn’t mean I won’t miss reading your thoughts and opinions on technology subjects. If you do ever get the urge though :) and it has to do with Microsoft or Windows just give me a holler – I’d be more than happy to give you space.

    Take care bud and I’ll be following you on your new site once it goes live.

  • Gary Marshall

    best of luck with the new stuff. I’ll miss this, though.

  • http://scobleizer.com Robert Scoble

    We’ve had our moments, but I enjoy your blog. Glad to hear you are still on Twitter, though, because that’s where 90% of what I read comes from. I love Flipboard and will be happy if you post something longer there.

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  • http://www.mauricekessler.com Moeskido

    I’d only discovered your very good tech writing relatively recently, I’m sorry to see the end of it here, but I believe I understand why you’re moving on. Well-stated.