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Sunday round-up

Here’s some posts that have tickled me over the past seven days…

Bad connection: Inside the iPhone network meltdown

Proving that it’s still possible to do good, interesting long-format stories, this Wired story by Fred Vogelstein should be required reading for anyone interested in the rocky relationship between Apple and AT&T. I didn’t realise that, since iPhone’s launch, AT&T has invested over $37 billion in its network – and still it’s struggling. Makes you wonder whether Verizon will be able to cope with that level of traffic if/when it gets the iPhone.

How to fail as a photographer

Some great advice on learning from your mistakes and continuous improvement, applicable to anyone who works for themselves.

Is The Times’ paywall working?

Some back of an envelope calculations from Azeem suggest that it might just work.

Quality over quantity: How we built iTeleport into a profitable business on the App Store

Great post on the success of their app from the iTeleport team. Haven’t heard of iTeleport? You should – it’s a great (and profitable!) solution for VNC on iPad/iPhone.

Most iPhone users love AT&T

Not only that: 77% of iPhone owners say they’ll buy another iPhone, compared to 20% of Android customers who say they’ll buy another Android phone. Perhaps my blog-friend Louis Gray ought to reconsider that idea that Android is the long-term best bet? :)

Incidentally, all these are culled from my Instapaper “starred items” list. If you’re an Instapaper user and you’d like to see what I’m starring and get a heads-up on what might be featured next Sunday, you can add my starred reading list here. Click on “Another user’s starred items and use username “[email protected]”.

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