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Isn’t trackback a wonderful thing?

From let’s test it, then:

“does this create a conversation? or does my lack of authority result in no public acknowledgment of my opinion.”

Here you go :)

“equity always matters, guys. say what(ever a-list bitchy shit) you want about commenters riding your coattails — and i agree with winer,* comment streams are poor/cynical substitutes for open fora — the elements of chance and ordinary division of labor play as much a part of putting writers out front as any other factor.”

I don’t think the point that I was making was about anyone “riding your coattails”. It’s more that when you write a comment on someone else’s site, what you’re doing is saying that your own voice is less important, that you can only get attention by saying something in their space, not your own.

There’s a couple of problems with this. First, on any popular site, there are so many comments that you might as well not bother. Once you have more than a few comments, people stop reading them. When I’ve had a popular post with many comments, I’ve ended up answering the same question over and over again because people haven’t read the answer I’ve already given.

Second, and it’s worth saying again: A link is way, way more valuable to your own “equity” than a comment will ever be. The Daring Fireball link to my post on commenting has, so far, sent around 2,000 unique visitors my way. That’s 2,000 opportunities that people will sign up to my RSS feed, follow me on Twitter, or just remember my name and that I wrote something vaguely interesting. A comment on Daring Fireball would have delivered much less of that.

Hopefully, a few of those people will be inspired to write something on their own blogs, too.

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