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How big a problem is Android spyware?

A fifth of Android apps expose private data:

“About 20 percent of the 48,000 apps in the Android marketplace allow a third-party application access to sensitive or private information, according to a report released on Tuesday.

And some of the apps were found to have the ability to do things like make calls and send text messages without the mobile user doing anything. For instance, 5 percent of the apps can place calls to any number and 2 percent can allow an app to send unknown SMS messages to premium numbers that incur expensive charges, security firm SMobile Systems concluded in its Android market threat report.”


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    It doesn’t surprise me the mobile phone market wants to be to do-all, end-all for all of your personal information with absolutely no concerns for privacy protection whatsoever. Wait, isn’t that the Google business model anyway: obtain/trade your personal information first, followed by appealing litigation to get them to stop later with “everyone is doing it anyway”?