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Dumb things content companies do

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Freeview Allowed To Use DRM To Curtail Online Piracy:

“Ofcom is allowing the BBC to operate its Freeview HD multiplex in such a way that only TV receivers and set-top boxes with built-in digital rights management DRM can see programmes’ electronic programme guide EPG data.

The BBC had sought the regulator’s permission to block EPG data access, for channels on the multiplex B which it operates, to “enable broadcasters to control the multiple unauthorised copying of broadcast HD content and its retransmission over the internet”, Ofcom says. Those channels are BBC HD, ITV1 HD, Channel 4 HD and S4C Clirlun.”

I can understand content companies wanting to protect their content from being illegally copied, but let’s be really clear about this: This will do precisely nothing to stop anyone pirating HD content. The only thing it will do is inconvenience perfectly legitimate consumers, who will need to upgrade their Freeview boxes. EPG data can be added in from other sources, or simply put in by hand.

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