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Who owns the platform? Adobe? Google?

Kevin Tofel on the announcement of Android support for Flash:

The key word in Adobe’s press release today being “expected,” which appears three times. Platforms other than Android are expected to integrate and work with Flash Player. All of the latest Android handsets are expected to see Froyo, which is required for Flash Player 10.1. The production version of Flash is expected to be available as a final production release for Froyo devices. Translation: Adobe hasn’t delivered anything to most handsets today and the fate of Flash Player is increasingly out of Adobe’s hands.

Kevin is spot on in highlighting Adobe’s use of the word “expect”, but I disagree with his last sentence. The fate of Flash Player isn’t out of Adobe’s hands: in fact, the fate of a platform which relies on Flash as a development environment is out of the hands of the platform’s creator.

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  • http://www.recedinghairline.co.uk Christopher Phin

    (Ooo, I’m leaving a comment!)

    My philosophy on any OS war has for years been: assuming competing platforms can achieve the same outcome – a printed page, making a phone call, whatever – then given the choice between a platform that merely accomplishes its tasks and one that’s also a delight to use, I’ll opt for the latter.

    That’s why I tend to gravitate towards Mac OS and iOS, though I’m perfectly happy on other platforms. (And why, if I didn’t have an iPhone, I’d have a Pre Plus; webOS is charming.)

  • commenter

    “To put it another way: I’ve never seen a “good enough” product that surprises and delights, that makes you go “ha!” when you discover a feature you didn’t know about.”

    Android surprises and delights me. That must mean it’s better than good enough.

    Glad that’s cleared up then.

  • Ian Betteridge

    Glad you could drop by. If/when you have something constructive to add, come back.