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Another advantage to writing posts, rather than commenting

def dayCoder(self):: Blog Comments:

“The first post on this blog linking to an external source linked to Daring Fireball. That’s no coincidence. Had there been comments, I’d have left one alongside dozens of others that would be ignored and forgotten.

So thanks, John and Ian for indirectly and directly getting me to post stuff here that at least I’ll be able to read again sometime.”

I have posts on here dating back to 2002, and it probably would be much longer if I hadn’t initially used a weird dead end of a blogging platform. Comments? I have no idea how many are still in existence.

If you write blog posts, you own your own words. If you comment on other people’s posts, they get to decide if your words live or die.

And if you spend your time pouring your heart and sole into comments written on platforms like Google Buzz or FriendFeed… well you might as well type them out on paper, make them into paper planes, and throw them out of the window.

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  • http://[email protected] smithsocksimon

    The last paragraph is a gem :o)

  • hapa

    maybe it would be good to branch into talking about pouring your heart and soul into amazon.com product reviews.

    …so many paper airplanes, so little uplift…

  • Ian Betteridge

    I tend not to do that, either :)