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“The iPad is faster than the Mac”

Matt Gemmell on working on the iPad:

“The most significant realisation is that, for many day-to-day computing tasks, iPad is actually faster than the Mac. That’s not a statement of processing performance, of course – the opposite is true – but rather a testament to the iPhone OS’ UI design. For the most common cases (managing the last few hours’ worth of email, catching up on today’s tweets, having some IM conversations), the necessity of making the various apps’ UIs work on a touch-screen device has created a better, more focused and efficient average-case user experience than their desktop equivalents. I find myself using the iPad to perform certain tasks even when I’m at my desk.”

I’d absolutely agree with Matt’s assessment. For many of the simple tasks that I do on a day-to-day basis, it’s faster and easier to pull out iPad to do it than use my Mac. That’s no criticism of the Mac, of course: it’s simply to note that the design of the ipad makes it easier to handle and make work, instantly.

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