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Google desperately looks for way to get more cash from YouTube

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New Role – YouTube as Outlet for Live Sports – NYTimes.com:

“Until now, YouTube has concentrated mainly on amateur user-created content, professional music videos and short promotional clips from television shows. The only major international event it carried live before the I.P.L. was a U2 concert from the Rose Bowl in Pasadena last year, but it did not have corporate sponsors or pay the band a fee.

Now, though, YouTube could carry concerts and games from around the globe. Google will be looking at ‘more live events and live sports,’ said Shailesh Rao, managing director of Google India, in a recent interview in his office in Gurgaon, the outsourcing boomtown south of New Delhi. Many sports leagues noticed the cricket tournament’s successful webcast, he said, and Google is having ‘new conversations with lots of folks.’”

Translation: We’ve realised that there’s no way that we’re ever going to get enough revenue from YouTube to cover the vast costs of churning out all that video, so we’re desperately experimenting with every kind of paid-for and premium content we can find.

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