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Analyst predicts iPad will be fastest product to $1 billion sales, ever

Carl Howe, for Yankee Group:

“Apple announced on Monday that it has sold more than 1 million iPads since its announcement on January 27. I’m counting since January 27 only because pre-orders are included; the reality is the most of those sales and deliveries have been in the last 30 days. Assuming that rate continues in May (and because even Apple Stores keep running out of stock that seems likely), we’ll see Apple having sold about 1.5 million units by the end of May. Average sales prices seem to be in the $645 range (16 GByte WiFi and 64GByte 3G units seem to be the top sellers). Do the math, and we discover a quite remarkable number: Apple’s iPad will likely take the crown for the fastest consumer product growth to the $1 billion revenue mark in history, taking less than 120 days from announcement to reach that milestone.” [My emphasis]

It’s pretty astounding that a product which many predicted had no plausible niche should get to one million sales. That it should turn out to be the fastest billion dollar business in history, in any product category is marginally insane.

I’m not convinced that it’s correct to assume that these are disaffected netbook buyers, but it’s pretty clear that there’s a lot of pent-up demand for something like the iPad. Mine has barely left my side since I bought it.

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