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Good luck with making money from Android apps

Android App Store Is 57% Free Compared to Apple’s 25% – app stores – Gizmodo:

App store analytics firm Distimo recently released a bunch of juicy info about the major mobile app stores, and the results are pretty interesting. For one, Android has a much higher proportion of free apps.

Or, to put it another way, you’ve got even less chance of making money on Android than you have on iPhone.

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  • http://philwilson.org/blog Phil Wilson

    “Or, to put it another way, you’ve got even less chance of making money on Android than you have on iPhone.”

    This seems to be a non-sequitur. Are you trying to say that because of more competition from free apps you are less likely to make money on your paid app? Is there any evidence for this?

  • http://www.technovia.co.uk Ian Betteridge

    It’s all about where the “acceptable” price point is. On the iPhone, that was set very early on as “low” – under $5. On Android, the danger is that it will come to be seen as “free” – in which case no one makes any money.

  • http://www.tomski.com Tom Loosemore

    Ian, if someone else had written something this soggy, I’d expect you to nail them for it.

    In your absence… your post contains no evidence to support your headline.

    The data you present merely shows that there are proportionally more free apps than paid on Android. It tells you precisely nothing concrete about the chance of a particular developer who wants to get paid making money.

    Now, the average price paid for an Android app is $3.27; for Apple it’s $3.62. If the hypothese you raise in the comment above was true, the differential would surely be a bit more than that – specially given the average price for paid-for Blackberry apps is $8.26.

    Return to your usual crunchiness, please.

  • http://twitter.com/dinidu01 Dinidu de Silva

    I would say it is because android is free users expect that the apps should be free too? It’s all about the mind set.