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Today’s Apple Tablet dumbness: Step forward, The Apple Blog

How to put this? Oh yes, “the stupid, it burns”.

Liam Cassidy has used his magical gift of clairvoyance and decided that a product about which no one knows any concrete details is better than a product which has been publicly demo’d for 30 seconds. And he’s managed to write 845 words of detailed analysis on why these pixies are better than those unicorns.

Liam, I hate to break it to you: but you know nothing about either product. That’s “know” in the sense of “actually know”, not “think”, “have an opinion about”, or “need to write a long post to get my monthly pageviews up, otherwise I won’t hit my targets and will get fired.”

(Image from nDevilTV)

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  • RattyUK

    He does know, like the rest of the world, that Steve Ballmer couldn’t actually operate the HP tablet as his fingers were too big. Or Something.

  • http://www.technovia.co.uk Ian Betteridge

    Well, that’s something at least. He’s earning his money 😉