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Idiot post of the day (TechCrunch edition)

And it’s from our good friend, Mike Arrington and his Nexus One review!

“I was able to kill the fully charged battery with 1.5 hours of continuous gameplay (Robo Defense) on the full-brightness screen. Be prepared to keep this phone near a charger at all times…

Overall the Android is a superior mobile device, particularly when paired with Google Voice. Google is calling this the first of the Super Phones. And they may not be exaggerating all that much.”

A superior mobile device that you need to keep near a charger at all times. Seems like Mike and I have very different ideas of what “mobile” means.

(Lovely image by Thomas Hawk)

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  • RattyUK

    Mr Arrington would love so dearly for Apple to fail.

  • Ian Betteridge

    I’m sure the feeling in mutual :)