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Why the CrunchPad mattered (to bozos)

John Biggs at TechCrunch writes a self-serving blog post on “Why the CrunchPad mattered“:

“Think about what happened: if we reduce this to its component parts you have some dudes in California who talked to some dudes in Singapore and who agreed to work together on a piece of hardware. I’ve seen the prototypes and the thing worked and worked well. Most hardware manufacturers can barely take each others meetings let alone coordinate a massive project while separated by a culture and an ocean.”

Yes, John. But “most hardware manufacturers” actually manage to ship products. Even the shitty ones tend to have a strike rate that’s better than zero. As some guy who’s made a product or two once said, “real artists ship“. Making a prototype and getting some publicity is what guys in garden sheds do.

(Incidentally, this story is currently lurking in the technology section of the Washington Post, thanks to the WaPo‘s “partnership” with TechCrunch. Isn’t it great to see self-serving promotional “news” on the site of one of the world’s best-regarded newspapers?)

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