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There’s these great cut-down computers, right…

Daring Fireball: Maybe Instead of Two Cars, You Just Need a Car and a Bicycle:

“The idea of a computer that does a lot less — leaving out even things you consider essential, because you can still do those things on your other, primary computer — is liberating. That’s the opportunity, and that’s the idea behind Chrome OS and Litl and even Android and iPhone OS.”

The idea of it is liberating, as I’ve found out with my experiences with netbooks over the years. The problem is that while the idea of it is liberating, the actual reality of it is less so.

While my MacBook Pro takes up a larger bag, I’ve carried it around with me much more lately because it really doesn’t weigh that much more. And the rest of the time, I have my iPhone – a constantly-connected device which lets me take notes, write short documents.

Chrome OS is an interesting experiment, but in the long term the trend is still towards more power on the desktop – and in the lap.

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  • http://www.macuser.co.uk Kenny

    Somewhere between the two, there’s a sweetspot. For me, it’s the MacBook Air. It goes everywhere with me and is light enough that I barely notice it’s in my bag. And it’s powerful enough to do 80% of what I need to do. The rest can wait until I’m at my desk.

  • Ian Betteridge

    It would be mine, too – if I could afford another computer (and sneak one into the house without Kim killing me…)

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