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The App Store and Macworld – Malice or stupidity?

There are two possible explanations for Apple’s rejection of Macworld’s app about the iPhone on the grounds that, erm, it mentions iPhone:

Reason 1: Malice

Apple rules the app store with a rod of iron. It has rejected the app because it really, truly wants to “protect its trademarks” and will punish those that fail to obey.

However, one of my general rules in life is that you should be reluctant to attribute to malice something which can be explained by out second option…

Reason 2: Stupidity

Apple is stupid. Something has gone so badly wrong with the management of the app store that it’s employees aren’t capable of making a simple decision like this and getting it right. Option 2 sounds the most likely one to me. But essentially the end result is the same: an app store which is increasingly a poor experience for developers, which is something that will ultimately show in the quality of the developers it attracts.

The App Store is broken. Now, Apple, you need to fix it.

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