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Not all traffic is born equal

Lookie Lou isnt really a customer | yelvington.com:

“Once upon a time, I blocked Google from being able to index or even access Associated Press stories from our local newspapers websites. It was not a stupid thing to do, not at all.

Heres why. At that time, we were not participating in any national ad networks. Every pageview delivered to anyone outside a newspapers geographic market was a net loss in two ways: One, it consumed some server resources not a huge deal, but servers do have costs. Two, when the ad server delivered a local ad to an out-of-market user, it reduced the effectiveness of that advertising campaign in measurable clickthrough per thousand pageviews.”

Steve gets it. Undifferentiated traffic is, as I’ve banged on about at length before, the least valuable kind. The “dash for pageviews” has been an utter disaster for newspapers and magazines heading online.

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