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Joe Hewitt gets it totally wrong on the demise of Internet middle men

Joe Hewitt:

“The Internet has been incredibly empowering to creators, and just as destructive to middle men”

Tell that to Amazon, which is the ultimate middle-man for books. Or Apple, the biggest middle man for music. Or Google, the information middle-man which rules the Internet. Or… or… or…

You get the picture. The old vision of the Internet as engine for disintermediation turned out to be false. All that happened was that another, new breed of fast-moving middle-men took over. What Apple is doing with its App Store is simply the middle-man trend of the Internet taken to its logical conclusion.

(Photo by wackystuff)

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  • Mike in Seattle

    Joe has it right. Joe is being exactly who Steve Jobs was with his 1984 Mac commercial, except now Steve has become the gatekeeper/establishment he so vehemently fought against.

  • Shelly Craft

    Well said. Joe’s full of shit.

  • http://www.willyshat.com William Shatner

    You’ve missed Joe’s point completely, well done.

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