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Idiot of the day

And it’s from the normally-reliable Mr Gruber:

“(There seems to be widespread consensus that Windows 7 has to be a hit because Microsoft needs it to be a hit. I wonder how much this assumption has colored the reviews.)”

Sure John. Sure. I mean, it couldn’t possibly because, well, you know, Win7 is actually not bad?

Is it just me or has Gruber gone really down hill lately?

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  • RattyUK

    Actually the point he was making was that Vista had generally “great reviews” when it came out.

    It could be that Windows 7 is not bad or that the technology has moved on or rather caught up with Microsoft’s “vision” or perhaps the masses are playing with their “smartphones” than really that interested in an OS upgrade.

    But time will tell. It could be the best thing since sliced bread just when everyone has moved onto water biscuits.

  • Gareth

    I think the RDF isn’t limited to Apple.

  • http://www.sampletheweb.com C.K. Sample III

    It’s not just you.

  • http://nnutter.com Nathan Nutter

    Insulting someone for making a perfectly logical connection because he disagrees with you…

  • Ian Betteridge

    Yeah, because John never uses posts titled “Jackass of the week”, does he? He’s a big boy. If he can dish it out, he can take it too.

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