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Apple declares war on the entire PC industry | Betanews

Joe Wilcox, on how Apple is declaring war on the entire PC industry:

“I’m on record as asserting that Windows 7’s release will stall Mac market share gains. My reasoning: Windows 7 netbooks are sure to drive up PC unit volumes. But market share is but one measure of success. Yesterday there was an interesting Twitter discussion about market volume versus sales margins. Jason Snell, Macworld editorial director tweeted: ‘Apple sold 2.3M laptops at an average price of $1,265 per unit. Imagine how much money it could have lost if it had a netbook!’ He’s absolutely right, and so is Apple for choosing not to compete in a portable segment where brands and margins are lost to lowest price”

I’m a big fan of the netbook format. The ability to have a machine with you at all times which you can do reasonable amounts of work on shouldn’t be underestimated.

But the problem with the netbook, as Joe has highlighted, is that the price point it comes in at is incredibly disruptive – painfully so for many PC makers.

Apple is simply immune to this, and the reasons for it will make for business school case studies over the next few years.

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