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Tweetie pricing fuss highlights App Store flaw – Macworld

Tweetie pricing fuss highlights App Store flaw:

“But three dollars, right? I mean, with that much money I could buy a third of a movie ticket! I could take the subway one and a half times! I could pay the convenience charge on the parking ticket I got last night (thanks, City of Somerville).

And yet, people are exploding all over the Internets—yes, all of them—over what they perceive as greed and money-grubbing behavior from Brichter. Which is not only hairball-hocking insane but, well, pretty rude to boot.”

I’m not sure that it’s really a problem with the App Store, as a problem with people’s view of software these days. With web applications, people have grown pretty accustomed to the idea of the price being free, and constant updates for free. Why, this kind of thinking goes, should iPhone apps be different?

For the record, I just paid £17.49 for the AP Stylebook as an iPhone app, and for me it’s worth every penny.

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