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John Gruber, 2008:

“I find that it is easy to be right with what I report, because I only report what I know to be true. This is not some sort of high standard. It is basic journalism.”

John Gruber, 2009:

“The most important iPod, the Touch, is getting a camera…”

Basic journalism turns out to be a little bit harder than it looks.

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  • danny o brien


  • http://husk.org/ Paul Mison

    Gruber did at least link to a Business Insider post that noted the error. Whether he would have mentioned it otherwise, it’s hard to tell.

  • Ian Betteridge

    Well, yes. And I should make it clear: I’m not lampooning John because he got it wrong. Every professional journalist gets stories wrong (something I should write more about).

    The point is that when you’re *not* a professional journalist, getting things right looks a lot easier than it actually is.

    I’m hoping that what John learns is that things like “Claim Chowder” and “Jackass of the week” are easy to write as long as you never make any predictions or try and break any stories yourself. Once you do, things look a little different.

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