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Warhammer Online out for the Mac. But wait, there’s a catch!

Tom Insam takes a swipe at Warhammer Online for Mac:

“World of Warcraft runs on the Mac well because every Blizzard game since the dawn of time has run on both Windows and the Mac, off the same install disk. I’m convinced that a significant chunk of the WoW user base are there for the same reason I am – there are no decent alternative (mainstream) MMO for the platform. Until recently, there were just none. Now there is WoW and three shitty Transgaming ports. I assume they won’t get lots of Mac users, because their Mac clients all SUCK. Which is self-reinforcing. Why bother putting effort into such a niche platform?”

Tom’s totally right. Transgaming ports are lazy. WAR is one of the applications which makes me keep a 50GB Windows partition on my Mac, and I don’t think that the “Mac version” will perform well enough to let me delete it.

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