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NetNewsWire is a long way from a legacy app

Louis Gray thinks standalone feed readers are dead, including NetNewsWire

“Yes, NetNewsWire is still around, and now points to Google Reader, but it’s pretty much a legacy app at this point. (In my opinion, of course)

I humbly disagree. In fact, I’ve just gone down the opposite route – from using Google Reader as a web app to using NetNewsWire synced with Google Reader. The web app is now my “lowest common denominator” application, for when I don’t have access to my Mac.

Why? Because NNW integrates with other great services which aren’t from Google. Google Reader shared items is a mess – NNW lets me post direct to Delicious (or even better, via Pukka). I’m one click away from adding any item to Instapaper, which I can then sync to my iPhone.

In other words, I don’t have to live and breathe the Google ecosystem – I can pick the best applications to suit me, not the ones which Google wants me to use.

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